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What Does Thick Toenails Mean?

I have thick toenails, what does that mean?

Have you seen that at least one of your toenails have turned out to be thicker than your different nails, or they are ending up progressively harder to cut? As somebody who’s experienced this myself, I’m here to give all of you the data you require, from what can make your toenails thicken, how to administer to and treat the condition and tips for keeping it from reoccurring.


There are various diverse reasons this could happen, with the most widely recognized one being a parasitic nail disease – the therapeutic term for this being Onychomycosis. Very nearly 10% of the grown-up populace in most western nations (counting 35 million Americans) have a parasitic nail contamination on at least one of their toenails, and it’s the reason for about portion of all nail related issues.

Other than a contagious nail contamination, thick toenails can likewise be caused by an injury to the nail, which has the restorative name of Onychauxis. This doesn’t really mean it has had something overwhelming dropped on it, or that your foot was trodden on, as it can likewise be caused by things like inadequately fitted shoes which make the nail rub against the shoe more than once.

Another reason for thickened toenails could be a restorative condition, for example, diabetes. One of the reactions of diabetes is poor blood flow, particularly to the lower limits. Because of the poor blood stream to your toes, the skin and nails don’t get the expected supplements to develop legitimately. Psoriasis is another medicinal condition that can make nails thicken, and is ordinarily described by regions of red, raised and flaky skin that may look like scales. This condition can make the finger and toenails display segments of setting, thickened development or unpredictable nail shapes.

At long last, as we age, blood course begins to decrease which can cause an indistinguishable outcomes from portrayed above for individuals with diabetes.


On the off chance that your thickened nails are caused by a contagious contamination, there will likewise be a staining of the nail in the meantime, ordinarily a yellowish/whitish shading in spite of the fact that it might likewise turn green or dark. You may likewise see that the nails are fragile, they may have edges in them and they could likewise be fairly delicate or agonizing when they are touched or when you endeavor to cut them.

Another great sign that your thickened nails may have been caused by a contagious nail disease is whether you have as of late had an instance of competitor’s foot/tinea. The growth that is in charge of a competitor’s foot disease is a similar strain that likes to destroy your toe nails and causes unattractive thick toenails.

On the off chance that your thickened toenail was caused by a sudden effect injury, you may see this is only a little (or expansive) knock in the nail that is becoming out typically, with a more standard looking area of nail becoming both above and underneath it.

In case you’re uncertain about whether you have a parasitic nail disease, I would prescribe that you talk with your specialist or drug specialist to get an expert supposition.


The right course of treatment for your thickened toenails is truly needy upon the basic reason.

For all instances of thickened toenails, some watchful work with nail cutters and a nail document can lessen the thickness of your nails and help with the appearance – despite the fact that on the off chance that you don’t feel great with doing this without anyone’s help, a podiatrist can likewise do this for you. Most will likewise have a mechanical device to crush down your thick nails, which can be speedier and less agonizing than utilizing a nail record at home. While this can enhance the presence of your nails, it won’t address any basic issues.

In the event that you have a contagious disease, you should be additional watchful when cutting your nails, as they may divide into halves since they can turn out to be exceptionally fragile. Absorbing your toes warm water before you cut your nails can help keep this by softening the nails and making them simpler to cut. Make sure to clean any devices that you use with 70% isopropyl liquor to avoid spreading the disease to your different toenails/fingernails or reinfecting your nails later on.

In the event that you have a parasitic toenail contamination, at that point there are a scope of various medicines accessible, differing in value, adequacy and the scope of symptoms that accompany these pharmaceuticals. These range from topical antifungal creams or splashes, laser treatment or oral pharmaceuticals.

Over the Counter Topical Antifungal Creams and Sprays

Loceryl-packThere are an extensive variety of topical antifungal creams and showers available that are intended to treat toenail growth. These incorporate over the counter items like Loceryl® and Penlac® which can be exceptionally costly to purchase and are just accessible in drug stores, and they normally have some symptoms including a “consuming” sensation which a few clients encounter while applying these items to their toenails.

There is a moment gathering of topical antifungals that are planned utilizing a blend of every common fixing and furthermore incorporate an oral splash that helps battle the disease on two fronts. Since they’re produced using regular items, there are no dreadful reactions while remaining profoundly compelling. We’ll talk about them all the more later in this article.

Medicine oral solutions

lamisilThere are a few oral physician endorsed pharmaceuticals for contagious toenails, including Lamasil®, Sporanox® and Diflucan®. These meds are intended to be taken orally, go through the circulatory system and achieve the nail lattice. The nail grid is the place your nail develops from, thus these drugs are intended to treat your parasitic nail contamination from within your body.

They are exceptionally intense, and therefore, there are various reactions of these prescriptions and in addition different drugs that they can’t be consolidated with. Above all, they can cause liver issues – which implies you need liver capacity tests some time recently, amid and after your course of treatment. This implies they are not reasonable for all individuals who have parasitic toenail diseases.

While I have contemplated making a moment endeavor to get a remedy for these pills (the first run through, the lab were not able develop anything from the toenail clippings that my specialist took), they are truly a “final resort” kind of thing and the symptoms are entirely terrible.

Laser treatment for parasitic toenails

Specialist doing a laser treatment on a womans footThe most recent era of treatment alternatives for parasitic toenail diseases that everybody is discussing is utilizing uncommon restorative lasers. The essential preface behind the laser treatment is that the parasite that contaminates your toenails tends to kick the bucket when presented to warm, so the laser is intended to warm up the toenail, nail quaint little inn network (where the nail develops from), to between 104°F-140°F (40°C-60°C).

There have been a few examinations discharged utilizing little specimen sizes that propose that this treatment is powerful, however the example sizes are not sufficiently huge to be therapeutically pertinent.

The two drawbacks to utilizing laser to treat toenail growth are the cost and the agony factor. Presently, laser treatment costs around $800 per one hour session, and the vast majority will require 3-4 sessions to perceive any genuine indications of viable treatment. This cost is not secured by your medical coverage, which implies you have to pay the full cost of this treatment.

Furthermore, it is very difficult. The laser system requires your podiatrist to warm your toe up to 104°F-140°F with a specific end goal to murder the organism – and this can get very agonizing, talking from individual experience. I regularly needed to approach my podiatrist to stop for a couple of minutes since it was getting excessively excruciating. There is additionally a “copied” sensation in the toes for a day or two a short time later too, which can give some uneasiness when strolling.

Characteristic home cures

There are various characteristic home cures that have been bandied around for a considerable length of time that are finding their direction onto the web as cures for toenail growth.

These incorporate different family unit things that are recommended to have the capacity to execute growth for different reasons, incorporating absorbing your feet a shower of Listerine mouthwash, vinegar or family unit fade blended with water at different focuses, and different fundamental oils like orange oil or tea tree oil, connected specifically on the nail. A few people even propose urinating on their toes could cure their instance of toenail growth – yet that wasn’t something that I was ready to attempt. 🙂

I have made a page on this site committed to these home cures. By and by, I’ve attempted the Vicks VapoRub and vinegar/water showers with no genuine achievement.

My own proposal

As specified already, there’s another era of over the counter items that to a great degree viable.

There are a few items in this space, despite the fact that the one that I attempted was ClearNail Pro+. I loved the way that I could get it on the web, which implied I didn’t have to talk about my toenail growth with someone else at the nearby medication store and manage that judging look from the store aides that you generally appear to get while specifying that you have toenail parasite.

Likewise with any treatment design, you have to stick at it fastidiously to guarantee that you get the coveted outcomes – much the same as you would for any eating routine or exercise program. This implies guaranteeing that you apply the ClearNail Pro+ to the nail in light of the guidelines. I set cautions on my telephone to remind myself to put the nail arrangement on.

Given to what extent I’d had my instance of toenail organism, and how terrible it was, I realized that it wouldn’t leave rapidly and some additional time would be required. Nonetheless, after around two months, I had begun to see some new clear nail becoming through. What’s more, after around four months, my toenail looked for the most part solid. I’ve completely cleared it up now, however I have chosen to continue utilizing it once per week as a protection meas

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